Hobbit's Second Birthday

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

20100208 Hobbit001

Yesterday was Hobbit's second birthday. Its hard to believe that he is already two years old.

Having had dogs most of my life, those years without one seemed as though something was missing. My mother's last dog was a Bearded Collie that I was very fond of, so when I got my first dog I decided that I wanted to get a Bearded Collie because of him.

PICT0175 Hobbit
Hobbit and his brothers and sisters

We were pretty excited when Hobbit was born (I think that I was more excited than everyone else!). That excitement built up to our first visit, then the first time that the girls got to see him, then there was all the anticipation of seeing how much he had changed from visit to visit, until the day finally arrived when we could pick him up and take him home.

PICT0944 Hobbit

When we did take Hobbit home the fun really began. It didn't take long before Hobbit was a full-fledged member of our family and it was hard to imagine life without him. Being a cute puppy made him pretty popular with the neighborhood kids. Six months, one year, and now two years have really flown by.

Hard to believe that Hobbit was ever this small!

Even as Hobbit is now two, he is still very much a puppy. He loves people and still wants to great everyone that he meets (which does scare some people). Although his black hair has turned gray, you wouldn't know that he isn't a puppy anymore. Having a dog or other pet can give you so much joy and happiness.

If you'd like to read more about Hobbit, I've written quite a bit about Hobbit at the DC Heron Family blog, posted some pictures at Facebook, and some pictures at Flickr. The drawing above is one I recently did of Hobbit and have posted to Flickr.


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