Our Recent Visti to Erperheide, a Center Parc

Sunday, October 12, 2008

We recently spent several days at the Center Parc location called Erperheide in Belgium.  The girls had a blast and Christine and I enjoyed ourselves as well.

Anna and Sarah "working on the farm"

Although we have had several vacations, this is what you might really call our first “family vacation”.  Center Parcs are really designed for “family vacations” with a lot of activities for kids.  There was a huge indoor pool made up of a dozen or so pools (including one indoor/outdoor pool), various water slides (including a couple of pretty impressive slides), a wave pool, and many other pools.  There was also a big indoor playground for the kids.

Feeding the goats

Our friend Claudia was also with us.  She had been at this Center Parc before, so we had our own expert along for the ride.  She has been to a couple of other locations with some other friends of hers.  It was nice to have Claudia along.

Anna was all excited about the water slides.  She went on the smaller of the two big ones with Claudia and then talked me into going on it with her.  By our second to last full day at the park, Anna had managed to ride the big one several times.  She kept wanting to go down the slides and you practically had to pull her away.

Anna and her little friend


There were several nice activities available for kids to get involved in.  Sarah got to dress like an Indian (Native American to be politically correct).  The kids did a nice little dance for the parents when we came to pick them up (I posted a video of this at our YouTube Channel and have embedded it in this post).  Anna attended one activity where she got to make a decorative Halloween Witch.  Both girls got to “work on the farm” and got to feed some of the goats and animals there.  In addition they got to pet a couple of rabbits.  As you can probably imagine, Anna requested that we get a goat, rabbit, and so on.  Anna went on a pony ride with Claudia while Christine and I picked Sarah up from one of her activities.  I took Sarah on a pony ride, but I didn’t hear where I was supposed to take the pony and ended up taking Sarah and our pony on an extended trip around the park.  After realizing that I had made a wrong turn or so, I tried to turn the pony around and he (?) didn’t want to cooperate.  I did get some funny looks from people as we walked along where there were no ponies.  Sarah had a lot of fun and we did get our monies worth on that pony ride!

Sarah dressed as an Indian


On Wednesday we were visited by our former neighbors from when we lived in Belgium a few years ago.  First Edith and Evelina met us in the pool and later on Gert met us after he finished work for the day.  The Center Parc that we stayed at was only two exists away on the highway from where we had stayed when we lived in Belgium.


We did a lot of swimming in our time at Erperheide, so I wouldn’t mind not going to the pool for a little while (so I can at least get that chlorine smell out of mind). We had a great vacation and will probably be going to Center Parcs again in the future. With locations in Belgium, France, Germany, and Holland, we’ll have some choices to make.  I posted several other photos in a folder at Flickr.

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Beardie Walk in October

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Beardie Walk- October 2008

Last weekend we attended another Beardie Walk. Anna and Sarah went with us this time. Hobbit's mom and an aunt were there, in addition to four of Hobbit's sisters, there was a cousin as well. Hobbit was the only male, but he didn't seem to mind being outnumbered. The weather was cooperative, we had a nice autumn day for the walk. Unlike the walk that was held back in July, this walk was open to all of the people that had bought puppies from our breeder and many of Hobbit's farther flung siblings didn't attend. It was a nice event and we look forward to the next meeting.



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