Puppy Visit Number 4

Monday, March 31, 2008

On Saturday we visited the puppies for the forth time. The best thing about the visit is that we made an appointment to pickup our puppy, so the next time that we see him, he will be coming home with us! The weather and temperature were nicer on Saturday, some of the puppies we outside most of our visit (of course some went in and out, while some slept at times, and so on). Overall the puppies were a lot more active than any of our other visits.

Anna has been scared of bigger dogs, and on Saturday something seemed to click and she spent most of the visit, with the breeders adult dogs and she was excited about not being scared of them. I think that she got used to them.

Christine took a couple of nice pictures of me with our puppy (can you tell I'm excited about bringing our puppy home?). Last week the breeder's daughters had made a slide show of the puppies and put in the breeder's website in addition to uploading it to YouTube. I'm embedding it in this post.

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Easter at the Heron House

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter has been and gone and we certainly had a memorable one this year. from our weather it seemed more like Christmas than Easter. Anna has wanted roller skates ever since her birthday last Summer, so she finally got them at Easter. Excitement builds as the day approached when we can finally pickup our puppy.

Anna drove her oma crazy the day before Easter saying that the Easter Bunny could bring her some skates. Every child has their own way of getting excited and I guess that Anna's excitement was just too much for oma! This is the first time that I can remember that Anna actually woke up early for Easter or Christmas, I heard her stirring around 6:30 or so. Because of the snow falling outside, I for one was not too excited about going outside. Anna, poor girl had to wait till Sarah and her opened all their gifts, we had breakfast (and some of us got dressed) before she could finally try on her new skates! Of course she wanted to try them on before getting dressed, and we complied. Sarah had wanted a pink horse baby doll, so she was happy to open it up. She did mention that she would like skates too but she is still too small (the package said that the kids need to be at least 20 kilograms and Sarah has been sitting at 13 kilograms, for a while now).

We tried to let Anna skate on our parquet floor, but it was too slippery. Then we laid out a couple of rugs and she started skating on those. Oma was really surprised to see her skating when she came back downstairs. When we did get outside, Christine and I both held onto her for a while, so that she could get her balance and feel more comfortable. Bit by bit, she was able to ride with her new skates. Oma got to watch her and one of the neighbors and so on.

Monday, she started slowly getting her balance and then was able to skate from in front of the neighbor's house on the end of our street to the play ground at the other end. I was proud of her when she learned to ride her bike, and I was proud of her at her latest accomplishment.

Later on, we went to visit Christine's Aunt Marion and Anna insisted on taking her roller skates. Aunt Marion lives in a very hilly and unflat area, but there was a patch that was somewhat flat, so Christine, Aunt Marion, and I all took turns holding on to her as she skated because there was enough of an incline that she wasn't able to do without us holding onto her. After she has been skating for a while, I'm sure that she'll be able to handle that incline without our help.

My family back in Michigan has had a lot of snow this Winter, so I have no right to complain about the little bit of snow that we've had the last few days, but I'm ready for Spring and not really much of a Winter person.

We're getting more and more excited about picking up the puppy. We have planned to pick him on up on April 11th. You might have noticed that I put a count down widget on the site. As I write this, we have 16 more days. I hope that you all had a nice Easter.

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Puppy Visit Number Three

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

In the last few days we went to an international dog show, Anna cooked for us, and we got to see the puppies again.

I've been to several dog shows in my life. When I was a kid, we managed to finish one dog (I saw we but it was mostly dad in the ring with our dog), so dog shows weren't new to me. Christine had been to a small one years ago with only a couple of breeds. This was the girls first dog show, and it didn't seem like they were that impressed. Standing around watching the dogs standing in the ring wasn't too exciting for them I'm afraid. They were impressed with a Newfoundland that they got to pet, though. We did buy a doggy bed for our living room, so we did manage to accomplish something. Actually it was an accomplishment getting the bed into my tiny car!

Yesterday evening we visited the puppies. They had grown a lot since we saw them on March 1st. They interacted with us and everyone had a blast. Anna wanted to take our puppy home. Sarah seemed a little stand-offish, maybe the puppies were too active for her and she didn't like how they'd try to nibble on your clothes. Sarah did get along with the breeders 3 adult Breadies very well. We're all looking forward to bringing our puppy home.

The cage/box that I wrote about earlier is intended for the puppy to sleep at night and it is in our bedroom. We bought the bed so that he can sleep in the living room in the day time. The box is collapsable but it made more sense to have a bed in the living room for the puppy to sleep in the day time.

Slowly everyone seems to be returning to health. Sarah still seems to have a little bit of a cold, but sometimes I think that it is for show.

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The Puppy Box Has Arrived

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Anna did her first sleep over at a friend's house. Her friend lives on a nearby farm, so she had a blast with their pony and all. She had so much fun she didn't want to come back home.

We still struggle with illness. For the last few weeks everyone has been ill at one time or another (except for me) and when it seemed that everyone was well again, Sarah had a fever again yesterday. Christine had her at the doctor's office yesterday and Sarah was fine when at the doctor's office. Christine is a little frustrated at the moment.

On Monday Christine picked up the puppy's new cage. The breeder suggested that the puppy sleep in the cage at night to help with the potty training. Christine called the breeder yesterday to make an appointment and found out that Krispy Kreme had been sick and on anti-biotics. As a result, the breeder doesn't want to have any visitors if they're sick, so it looks like we won't be seeing till next week sometime. The black and white puppy is Kool Knob and the brown and white one is Knick Knack. That's it for now.

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The Girls Saw The Puppies For The First Time

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Saturday was quite a day for the girls. First they went with Christine and had their hair done (I've included a couple of pictures here), the had some temporary color put in. Anna had some blue added while Sarah had some red. It was great that the girls got to finally see the puppies.

They were a little bigger than the last time that Christine and I had seen them. It was also neat to see the eyes open and that they were more active. They still get pretty tired quickly. They were moving around a lot more and being more like puppies than the last time that we saw them.

We've had a lot of discussions about names and I think that we might have settled on a name. Since I don't want to jinx our current favorite, I won't mention it here now. Some of the names that we've liked included Snoopy, Max, Jackson, and Bilbo. Christine suggested Kripsy Creme to the breeder and it is one of the names that she used. With both of the girls we had several discussions about the names, so I'm not holding my breathe just yet.

We've been debating between a black and white make and a brown and white male. I believe that we made our selection on Saturday, but again I don't wish to jinx it and won't mention it yet. We got to hold both puppies and the girls just loved it.

Yesterday we were up at the new shopping center and stopped in the new pet store. Anna picked some treats for our puppy and Sarah picked a toy. The selections really seem to match the girls, because Anna seems to eat more than Sarah and enjoys it more while Sarah cares less about eating and often has to be told to eat, because she would rather to other things! I know that they're looking forward to the puppy.

I think that we'll probably go see the puppies again in another week or so. It will be nice to see who much they have changed at that point and what of their personalities will have emerged.

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