We Have the Key!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

We Got the Keys!!!

Last night we did a walk through of the house with the sellers and we got the key! As it was in the evening and already past the girls bedtime, we didn't start painting or moving anything yet. Last weekend Christine and I bought paint for the living room, girls' room, and our bedroom but we didn't buy any white paint to touch up anything that might need it. We found out last night that most of the house will need to be painted. Also the parque in the living room needs to be sanded, buffed out, or whatever the right term might be. We'll need to do this later as money allows. I'll probably take some pictures of the house either Thursday or Friday before I start painting. Bye for now.



Monday, November 27, 2006

We've been looking for a house since Spring of this year. We had wanted to move to Las Vegas, but when my dad decided to move from there it caused us to rethink this idea and we decided to buy a house in Germany. In October we saw an ad in a local newspaper and made arrangements to have a look. Since we had almost bought a house in May, we since had a chance to do some preparation so we were able to get the financial approval fairly quickly. I imagine that everyone who buys a house for the first time is suprised by a bunch of things but it seems like we have had to do a lot more than we initially imagined.

We're moving from Geinsheim to Klein Gerau. The 2 villages aren't so far apart but it does mean that the girls will need to change kindergartens and all the other things that go along with moving from one village to another.

There are 2 pictures of the front of the house and 2 of the backyard. One of the signs for us that we should buy the house is the Heron by the pond. The pictures were sent to us buy the family selling the home, but it gives you and idea anyways.

The house is what is called a Rhein Mittel Haus. These are very common in the area that we live. The houses share side exterior walls. In our case the you can see that these are some what staggered, which is a little variation of the theme.

On the ground floor (American first floor) we have kitchen that opens up into the living room/dinning room, guest toliet, and the door leading to the backyard. On the first floor (American second floor) is the master bedroom, a bathroom, a room this is currently used as the office, but we intend to use it as a guest room. The second floor (American third floor) consists of the girls room and another bathroom. Last but certainly not least we have a good sized basement. There is no garage but we do have 2 designated parking places right in front of the house.

We get the key this Friday. Christine and I are pretty excited about it. This is the first house that Christine will have lived in (let alone owned). For me this will be the first house that I have owned.

Bye for now.

The Herons