The Girls Saw The Puppies For The First Time

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Saturday was quite a day for the girls. First they went with Christine and had their hair done (I've included a couple of pictures here), the had some temporary color put in. Anna had some blue added while Sarah had some red. It was great that the girls got to finally see the puppies.

They were a little bigger than the last time that Christine and I had seen them. It was also neat to see the eyes open and that they were more active. They still get pretty tired quickly. They were moving around a lot more and being more like puppies than the last time that we saw them.

We've had a lot of discussions about names and I think that we might have settled on a name. Since I don't want to jinx our current favorite, I won't mention it here now. Some of the names that we've liked included Snoopy, Max, Jackson, and Bilbo. Christine suggested Kripsy Creme to the breeder and it is one of the names that she used. With both of the girls we had several discussions about the names, so I'm not holding my breathe just yet.

We've been debating between a black and white make and a brown and white male. I believe that we made our selection on Saturday, but again I don't wish to jinx it and won't mention it yet. We got to hold both puppies and the girls just loved it.

Yesterday we were up at the new shopping center and stopped in the new pet store. Anna picked some treats for our puppy and Sarah picked a toy. The selections really seem to match the girls, because Anna seems to eat more than Sarah and enjoys it more while Sarah cares less about eating and often has to be told to eat, because she would rather to other things! I know that they're looking forward to the puppy.

I think that we'll probably go see the puppies again in another week or so. It will be nice to see who much they have changed at that point and what of their personalities will have emerged.

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Rose DesRochers said...

How sweet. I like the brown & white.