We Pick Up Our Puppy Today

Friday, April 11, 2008

The day has finally arrived, we pick up our puppy today! If you can’t tell, we’re all pretty excited around the Heron house to get our newest family member and can’t wait to finally have him home with us!

I’ve had at least one dog most of my life, except for about the last 8 years. As you might imagine, it has seemed pretty normal to have one around and I’m looking forward to having one again. Christine had a Dachshund for several years as a kid and she is looking forward to having a dog again as well. This will be Anna and Sarah’s first dog, so while they’re excited, they don’t really know what to expect and don’t have anything else to compare the experience to. I know that it going to be a lot of fun for them, so I’m looking forward to seeing the interaction between the kids and the puppy.

You might be wondering why we didn’t have a dog for so long? When we moved to Germany, we had an apartment on the third floor, and with the girls being born the first few years that we were here, it didn’t make sense to have to get a puppy (later on a dog) up and down all those stairs along with the girls. One of the reasons that we were excited about buying our house was that we planned to have a dog

We first looked a litter of Bearded Collie puppies last year, but we decided that Christine’s schedule at the time was not very compatible with a puppy and that we would wait for the next litter. Much of my life I had Great Pyreness and it was only later on that I was introduced to Bearded Collies when my mom decided to buy one. I was there when she picked out Angus. It was his personality and overall manner that made me want one now. Christine also had a chance to get to know him, so she could imagine having one as well. She used to call him “Der Aungus Hund”, which really stuck for me (especially when I hardly knew any German). When we first saw the puppies we were trying to decide between a black and white male (official name Kool Knob) and a brown and white male (official name Knick Knack). After a lot of thought and our second visit, we decided on the black and white one. The other male we were thinking about will be going to Switzerland.

I will be working for a few hours today and the girls will be going to kindergarten. We’ve made an appointment to pick our puppy up this afternoon. We’ll go through kind of a puppy orientation with the breeder and pick up a few things that we have ordered for our puppy from the breeder. One of the female puppies was picked up on Wednesday and in addition to us, there will be three other families picking up their puppies today.

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