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Monday, June 16, 2008

Hobbit, scateboarder, puppy extrodonaire

Hobbit keeps growing as you would imagine. We hear comments all the time about how big he is getting and of course when you live with him you don’t notice the changes so much.

We’re phasing him into adult dog food. As the puppy food was getting near the bottom of the bag, we bought some adult dog food and are mixing the two together until the puppy food is gone. We’re also changed his feeding schedule from four to three times a day, with a wasa bread snack after his first walk of the morning. He is still inhaling his food (and any other food that you offer him). The breeder had said that he wouldn’t always eat so fast, I imagine that he’ll eventually slow down but he might be in doggy old age by then.

"Do I Know You?" courtesy of Spangles44

Christine has found a group of women that walk their dogs together once or twice a day and often joins them. One of the women is a semi-professional photographer that has taken some wonderful pictures of Hobbit and posted them on Flickr. Some of her pictures are amazing and it is interesting to read some of the comments that people leave. Three of the pictures post here are on Flickr.

"Have We Met? " courtesy of Spangles44

Hobbit is starting to lose his teeth. It started with five in the middle of last week and they seem to keep falling out. I hope that when all his adult teeth are in that he doesn’t bite so much. You have to feel sorry for him because he doesn’t have so many teeth left.

"Hobbit on the run" courtesy of Spangles44

don’t wish to jinx it but, it has been a while since he had an accident in the house, over a week anyways. Prior to that, it had been about a week or so since that had happened. We’re being very vigilant about taking him outside, so he has less opportunity to have accidents, but I think that he is also learning that we don’t want that in the house (I’m keeping my fingers crossed).

Hobbit has discovered that he really likes water. This discovery happened when Anna lured him into a kiddie pool of ours with some of his doggy treats. He first put in front paws and then discovered that he liked it so he put in the back too. Encouraged by some of the dogs in the walking group, he has gone into the creek a few times. He often returns from his walks very muddy (even when we manage to keep him from going into the creek).

I’m still amazed at how much people like him. Several of the neighbor kids get excited to see him. We went to a special service/cook out at our church yesterday and several people wanted to pet him while I was trying to find seats. When we take him for a walk it is always a big social thing for Hobbit, he wonders what people he’ll see and what dogs he’ll get to play with.

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