What Are Your Ultimate 80's Songs?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A friend of mine is celebrating his 40th birthday this weekend and having an 80's themed party. While the 80's weren't that long ago, it is far enough back now that some of us can look back with nostalgia, maybe some of us can call it the good ole days (maybe some of us already do?). I gave me friend some ideas for his playlist, but I thought why not expand this out to all of you in cyberspace and give you all a chance to play DJ?

I've been having fun on Blip.fm and started playing some 80's music yesterday. In honor of my friend's birthday I'll be playing some 80's music on Blip all week. If you're already a member at Blip.fm, feel free to join me or look at what I've blipped. If you're not a member yet, here is an invite for you to join. Feel free to blip songs that you think should be in the 80's playlist. Be sure to include "@darrylheron" & something about the 80's so that I know that you'd like your selection considered for our ultimate 80's party.

Music is such a big part of our lives. Many of the songs that we listen to have their own stories behind them. There might have been one song you listened to when you were sad and needed a pick me up. There was probably that song that you loved to hear when you wanted to jam out. Before Guitar Hero and karaoke there was air guitar and singing to your hair brush or other makeshift microphones, what songs did you play when you were a guitar god, or pop singer? What music did you listen to when you were crusin' or hanging out with your friends. What music did you listen to when you were feeling rebellious? Do you have any songs that you'd like nominate for the 80's playlist, please feel free to write them up along with some comments as to why you wish to nominate your song(s).

Feel free to suggest songs here and/or join me on Blip.fm and later this week I'll write about "our 80's playlist". This should be fun. Rock on.

Photo credit: Vintage Radio courtesy of CraigPJ.