Our Trip to Europa Park

Monday, June 2, 2008

The family along with Ruth and Diana near the entrance of Europa Park

Last Monday the family went to Europa park along with our former neighbors Ruth and Diana and family that we have been friends with through the girls' kindergarten. The girls were both pretty excited. After all the stuff that we have had to do related to our shed, this was a nice vacation for the family.

Because Anna was taller than last year, she was able to do more rides and Sarah was also able to do more rides. Anna became very excited about riding roller coasters and wanted to ride them all, fortunately, age and height restrictions are in place and she didn't get to do the real dangerous ones. And I didn't ride my first roller coast until I was 10!

Because of the three girls and all the grown ups, there were some arguments about who would ride with who, but it worked out pretty well. Of course the girls were talking about going with the same group of people again. We decided that one day is not enough and will probably try to do some sort of two-day pass next time. After almost every ride the girls would say that they wanted to ride whatever again. I kept saying that they wouldn't be able to ride everything that they wanted to if the did everything that they rode twice or more. Last year, Christine and the girls saw a couple of shows, this time we only managed to catch the end of a parrot show (which was entertaining).

In the England area of the park there were a couple of new rides. One was made to look like one of those double-decker buses that was kind of like a mini ferris wheel. There was another ride where you were in a replica London taxi and were spun around in circles. The girls also got a kick out of driving the cars on the track that was set up.