We Saw the Puppies

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Yesterday was quite a day but in the end we did get to finally see the puppies for the first time.

Our day actually started very early with Sarah complaining of tummy pain. She came down to our bed (she had actually woken up several times this past week complaining of tummy pain!). We rushed her to the bathroom, but of course she threw up in our bedroom and in the bathroom. She did finally get back to sleep. Christine took her to the pediatrician and was given some medication.

Since Sarah was doing better and things seemed to be going well, Oma thought that she would take the girls for the weekend as planned. In fact she talked to Christine into it, in true Oma fashion. I received a call at work, a colleague said that she had a call for me from the “Oma from Taunnusstein” and Anna was on the phone. Oma said that everything went well at the doctor and Sarah was doing fine, so the girls would stay with her as planned. Christine was teaching some students and I was surprised to find that she had a few panic calls from Oma. Sarah had apparently demanded to be with mommy. After that I was expecting that we would get another panic call from Oma, asking us to get the girls.

We drove to the breeder’s house and we greeted warmly by their three dogs (including the mother Mia), they were running around playing and excited to see us. When we were by the puppies, Mia was there the whole time. Pictures can be nice but so often they don’t convey the feelings that you have from actually being there. Of course you can tell that the puppies are cute from the pictures, but there is a connection that you have when you’re actually there with them and can seen the lighting of the room illuminating their tiny bodies. From the pictures that we had seen of the puppies, it really wasn’t imprinted on me how small they really are. At the moment they might be a little smaller than full-grown guinea pigs.

Christine and I have had several discussions about which puppy we want. Angus, the last dog that my parents had, was a Breadie and he is the main reason that we decided that we wanted to have a Beardie. As a result our preference has been to have a black and white colored one, but it is also possible to have a brown and white, as well as a fawn and white one. I have said that I wanted to wait to decide until we could see more from their personalities. We’ve been leaning towards two males, a black and white one and a brown and white one. Christine was afraid that we might need to make a decision about which one we wanted yesterday. Fortunately, the breeder didn’t ask us to make a decision and said that we had a little time.

We got to hold both of the puppies that we’re thinking about. I was glad that we got to hold some of the puppies, as the thought had crossed my mind that we might be only able to look at them. The puppies fur is very short (especially when you know how long gets when they’re older) and it is soft. While the puppies do sleep a lot and their eyes are still closed, they did move around a lot and there was the occasional whimpers and loud drinking noises.

We were surprised that we didn’t get a call from Oma on Christine’s mobile phone and there wasn’t any messages at home. It was too late to call Oma when we got home, as we didn’t want to wake up the girls. We’re wondering how the night went and I’m expecting that I will need to go pick them up, I guess we’ll see. The two of us were so excited about being able to see and hold the puppies. We’re looking forward to seeing them the next time, especially to see the girls reaction to them, knowing that one of them will be ours.

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Anonymous said...

Cute puppies - thanks for sharing!

Thanks also for the Flickr add - hello from Norway - have a great weekend :-)