Christmas 2007

Monday, February 4, 2008

We hope that you all had a great holiday season. We were pretty busy this year. Anna and Sarah took part in a kiddie choir the Sunday before Christmas. Afterwards the made decorations and got to help decorate the church tree. On Christmas Eve they played angels in the family Christmas Eve service. The day after Christmas their kiddie choir sang along with a group of seniors in the service.

Although we didn't have a traditional white Christmas, the outside landscape was frosted for several days. Oma stayed with us for several days and we had visits from Claudia, and our former neighbors, Ruth and Diana. We had a nice New Year's Eve party with two other families and Ruth and Diana again. Christine handed out several weight watcher recipes ahead of our party and everyone made a dish or two. They all went over very well, tasted good, and everyone asked for the recipes of things that they didn't make.

I have posted quite a few things from Christmas at our various online accounts. I put several pictures from Christmas on Flickr. I created a photo album at our MySpace page. I also created a photo album at Facebook. At our YouTube channel, I posted 4 videos of the girls singing with the Kiddie Christmas choir; a slide show called "Kiddie Art"; 2 slide show tributes to Oma; slide show tributes to Claudia, and our former neighbors Ruth and Diana; "All Dressed Up" which is a slide show of the girls being all dressed up; "Nightmare" and "Facepainting 2" are all slide shows of the girls in their various face painting escapades. I had made a special dvd for Christmas and it included all that I mentioned at YouTube, except for the Kiddie Christmas Choir, unfortunately, because of standard differences I couldn't make the dvds for my family, their not able to watch videos composed for playback on PAL systems on the NTSC system in the U.S., they can watch the videos on YouTube however.

I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season and began the new year off with a good start. I'd love to hear about your holidays or how you're doing.

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