Sarah's Birthday

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sarah turned five in January. It is hard to believe that our baby is now five!

Sarah and Anna did their second Smurf dance performance at the local Kiddie Carnival. After their performance was done the mc made an announcement about Sarah celebrating her birthday, so of course the crowd cheered her. It was a really nice moment.

We had a nice little party with Oma, Claudia, Nicole and Christian, and Ruth and Dianna after the Kiddie Carnival. The next day we had the kiddie party.

I noticed how much older Sarah seemed at her kiddie party and also that the kids seem to be older as well. It seems that kids were more engaged in the activities than in her earlier birthdays. We did a little treasure hunt for the kids. I went outside and drew arrows out of chalk pointing to where I had the treasure. Christine told me about how excited the kids were following the arrows. Because I had changed colors a few times, Anna had said when there was a new color that they must be getting closer. We did a version of musical chairs using pillows instead of chairs. We did another game where one kid is blind-folded and they crawl on the floor using a wooden spoon to try to find a pot that is covering some candy. The only boy at the party really enjoyed the game and volunteered quite often to be the seeker or various other things. It was a really nice party and I was surprised that with all the kids at our house, that it wasn't louder. I'd say that Sarah had a nice birthday.

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