The Puppies Have Been Named

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The breeder posted the "official" names that have been submitted for the puppy papers on her website yesterday. I have uploaded the latest pictures to the "Our Dog" photo album at our MySpace. I just tried to compare the pictures of the named puppies with the ones showing their birth order and they didn't seem to match up and the colors don't seem to be right either, so I'll have to figure that out later. We have made plans to see the puppies on Wednesday. This will be the girls first visit, so it should be pretty fun watching their reactions! So without further adieu...

Kindly Keeper, Klassic Kocoon, Kool Knob, Keeping Kute, Kiss Me Kate, Kindhearted Kiss, Krispy Kream, Kall Me Kosmopolitan, Knick Knack, and Kiss N’ Kandy are the names selected by the breeder and will appear on the puppy papers.

Christine left for her wellness weekend yesterday and is meeting a friend of hers from Switzerland there. I'm taking the girls to see a Barbie movie today and there is supposed to be an appearance by Barbie, so I'm sure that they will have a blast.

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