Help Us Name the Puppies

Friday, February 15, 2008

Our breeder is having problems coming up with "official" names for the ten puppies. Maybe you might have some suggestions to help with this problem.

With many pure breed dogs, the breeder will give the dogs an "official" name. One that might be used in dog shows and on their pedigree. Most owners of pure breed dogs would then have an everyday name that might be a shortened version of the "official" name or might be something totally different all together. Our breeder has taken and alphabet system approach to giving "official" names to their puppies. She has taken a different letter for every litter starting with A, and she'll use two words in the name that start with that letter.

With the litter before this one, the theme was the letter "J". Some of the "official" names included: Jumping Jack, Jive n’ Joy, Jolly Joker, and Just like Jazz. The theme for the current litter is the letter "K". I think it is possible to use words starting with "C" and substitute with "K".

The dogs will be registered in about a week or so, so we need the names by Feb 22nd. Be creative. We look forward to hearing the interesting names.

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