Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The girls dance group performed at a local kiddie carnival on two Sundays in January. The did something called the "Schlumfentanz" or the Smurf dance. It was real cute and we were so proud. I was amazed at what a good job everyone did in putting on the kiddie carnival and how many kids we have in our little ort (village). I have posted several pictures at an album I created at Facebook. I also posted some pictures of the girls dressed in costume for their kindergarten carnival celebration. I took some video of them dancing but I still need to edit it before I can post it. The carnival season (the link is to a post that I did in November about carnival and St. Martin's Day with more information it if) started on November 11th and ended with the big parades over the weekend, Monday, and with Fat Tuesday. We took the girls to a smaller local parade on Sunday, but after waiting over an hour for it to start, Anna was cold and wanted to go home. The girls were able to dress up in their kindergarten on Monday and Tuesday, with a little party.

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