Sarah the Bride

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sarah the Bride

After seeing the Anna as a bride, Sarah wanted to dress up as well. Again I wasn't there but Christine told me of how geeked up she was and I can only imagine the scene.

Last week the girls spent a couple days in the forest with their kindergarten during their forest days. The day after Christine found a tick on Sarah. At the doctor’s office Sarah was talking to an older man (probably a grandfather) in the waiting room. She talked up a storm with the man telling her name and the whole story about the tick. When Sarah left planning to return, she told the man to watch after her spot. The man of course agreed to do so.


Tour de France

I first became interested in the Tour de France (wikipedia entry) back when Greg LeMond was the first American to win the grandest race of the cycling world. You can visit his website here. He won the race in 1986, 1989, and 1990. Since 1975 the race has had a big finish on the Champs-Élysées. I’ve always enjoyed the camera shots of the bicycles riding along one of the most famous streets of Paris and of some of the famous buildings and monuments. I followed the Lance Armstrong era, winning the race every year from 1999-2005. His website is here.

Last year Floyd Landis, another American won the race, but because of dopping tests that were taken there is still a battle going on to if that title will be stripped from him or not. It is most unfortunate that the use of steroids and dopping and has made such an impact on the sporting world, from the use of steroid in Major League baseball and the speculation of all the doping in the cycling world. Jan Ulrich won the Tour in 1997, he was banned from professional cycling for doping in 2006 and was barred from the race. Here is an article on doping at the tour. Erik Zabel of the German Telecom Team held a press conference on May 24, 2007, where he admitted to doping. From what I have heard, team doctors were pushing it on the cyclists apparently with the knowledge of the coaches and sponsor, I’m sure that the Telecom team usage is probably far from over. It is a little hard to follow the all the talk of doping on this year’s Tour. German television drops coverage of the tour. After positive test results for German Cyclist Patrick Sinkewitz. I do hope that Tour de France and the sporting world will somehow be able to move away from all the focus on drug usage.

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