Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Here are some more pictures from when grandpa and Aunt Betty were here. The picture of grandpa and Aunt Betty is from the garden of Versailles. The picture of grandpa and Darryl was taken at the Eiffel Tower.

I recently discovered a social bookmarking site called "". I have noticed for some time that my favorites (bookmarks) were out of control and it isn't always easy to find a site that I don't go to that often. With you can tag sites that you would normally add to your favorites or bookmarks. You can add buttons to your web browser which will allow you to save pages with "tags". When you use the button to save it to "" a new window will open up and then you can add a description of the web page you want to save. In this page there will be a section where for tags. If the web page has been saved by other "" users you'll see some tags that have been used and you can use them. After you have saved some bookmarks to "" it will make recommendations based on tags that you have used.

Because this is "social bookmarking" you can see what other users have tagged. If you find a site that has been tagged by a lot of users, you can see all the users that have tagged it and you can see what other sites any of them have tagged by selecting individual users. You can also search words or tags. A search return will show what you have tagged in addition to what has been tagged by other users. By incorporating the "social bookmarking" aspect of "" you now have another search alternative. By searching on tags of interest you can see sites that have been saved by several users. This is different from traditional web searches because this means that "" users have thought that these sites were worth saving, compared to a lot of people viewing a web site and leaving that site after a minute or two.

"" can be used between different web browsers and machines. If you're logged in on one machine you can see your tags. If you use more than one web browser you can use your tags between the different web browsers. You can also make some of your bookmarks private so that some that they aren't visable to anyone else but you. There is a lot more to "" then I have described so I would suggest looking through the help section for more information about ""

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