Aunt Helen Has Passed Away

Friday, June 22, 2007

My Aunt Helen passed away yesterday. As she hasn't been in the best of Health for several years now, it didn't come as a surprise but is still very sad. Aunt Helen was always lively and fun. Aunt Helen had moved to Florida many years ago, but she has often returned to Michigan. I remember on one of these visits, Uncle George and her came to see us at our home in Ortonville. On these visit we went for a walk and ended up with a stray Afgan dog. Uncle George asked us to keep the dog for him as they couldn't take the dog back to Florida (for some reason!). We had that dog for several years until we found her another home (and not with Aunt Helen and Uncle George!)

This is the only picture that only good digital picture I have of Aunt Helen that I could post. This picture was taken in July 2005 when we were in Michigan. I'll have to look through what I have and see if I can scan some in for posting. I'll be thinking about Aunt Helen, her kids, grandkids, and the others who will be missing her. I plan to post some more about Aunt Helen later, in the mean time please feel free to post any stories, memories, and etc as comments to this post.

Bye for now.