Anna Rides Her Bike!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We recently bought Anna a bike off ebay and this past Sunday (June 24th) she learned to ride it without training wheels! We were all so proud of big girl! I'm sure that when most parents think about the day that their child rides a bike without training wheels is one of the big days in their kids' lives and certainly this was no different for us. Oma was also with us (some how she seems to be around for most of the big events!) If we hadn't already been excited and proud, it is hard not to be excited about something when Oma is excited about something. Her excitement is catchy.

Anna has had a "Like a Bike" for a while. Like a Bikes are made of wood and don't have any pedals, they're a good tool for kids to learn their balance. I believe that this did help Anna learn faster than if she hadn't used one. She started out with Christine or my hand on her seat for support and then we'd let go. Then she needed only help getting started. Then she was able to get started by herself. Anna had a Winnie the Pooh bike that has been handed over to Sarah and we did get another bike that is currently too big, thus the reason for another bike.

Here are two pictures of Anna with her bike as well as Sarah with her bike. I did some video taping of Anna riding the bike and I plan to edit and post it to YouTube later. Bye for now.

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