Knut The Polar Bear is Two Years Old

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Today is Knut's second birthday. You might have forgotten him by now, but he is the polar bear whose mother refused to take care of him and he became an overnight celebrity shortly afterwards. While the spotlights have faded and most of the cuteness has warn off, he still is a large attraction at the Berlin Zoo. In honor of his second birthday I've assembled some videos that I have found on him, from when he was a little bear cub to his first birthday.

Knut on CNN and ProSeiben (a German Network, so the last part of the video is in German)

Here is an adorable song song by a younger fan of Knut

Knut at six months old

Knut at one year old

I hope that you've enjoyed this look at Knut. If you're ever in Berlin, why not go to the zoo and pay him a visit. By the way I heard that Knut might become a father in a little while as had had been mated with a couple of other bears at the zoo. You can also visit Knut's website or read about him at Wikipedia. Happy Birthday, Knut!