Puppy Reunion

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Almost all the dogs!

We had a meeting of most of Hobbit's brothers and sisters yesterday. The breeder organized a nice walk through the fields near her home and then we had dinner at a nice restaurant.

Some of the nice landscape

We arrived to see most everyone outside of the breeder's home. We then proceeded on the walk and after we were off the street and in a place with some room everyone let their dog off the leash. The dogs were all so excited to see each other and their was so much running around and activity. I could not do it just to describe the all Beardie fur flowing as they gracefully played and ran around. Two of Hobbit's sisters weren't able to attend but puppies came from as far away as Switzerland and Munich! They had all grown so much since we had seen them all that last time.

Taking a short break

The fields contains corn, wheat, and some vineyards, a very nice landscape. There was plenty of room for the dogs to run around and play. We ran accross several people that were out walking, most of whom looked surprised to see all these dogs! There was also a wedding that had taken place and we saw bride and groom walk by. I overheard someone mention Mia and Benny's wedding picture (the puppies' parents). I thought that it would have made a nice picture to have the bride with all the dogs, but who knows, maybe she didn't like dogs. At any rate, I imgaine that she had something else on her mind!

Before going to the restuarant, we returned to our vehicles, and after the dogs had a chance to drink some water, we headed off. Because we parked in a different place than everyone else, we weren't with the main group when they came in. I'm sure that there were some rather surprised faces of people, seeing all these dogs come in. Those of you in America that don't know this already, it is very common over here for people to take dogs into restuarants and shops. Shops will have signs on the door when dogs aren't allowed inside. We had one room of the restuarant all to ourselves. On the walk and now in the restuarant there was the conversations that you would expect, comparing the dogs' development and swapping of stories. Throughout the walk and in the restuarant I was surprised at how little noise the dogs made, you would have thought that all those dogs would be barking like crazy, but I only heard a little growling when Hobbit and his brother were rough-housing, and even that was not very loud.

Hobbit and his family had a lot of fun. I know that the whole thing was a treat for Christine and I. I don't know when there will be another one of these things, but I know that we'll try to attend. If you like the blog, feel free to add us to your rss feed or subscribe via email. We welcome your comments.

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