Copenhagen and Malmo

Friday, September 26, 2008


In June I was on a business trip to Copenhagen. I took some pictures of Malmo, Sweden and Copenhagen while I was there. I finally got around to putting them into a photo album @flickr.

Statues in Malmo City, Sweden

Since all the hotels in Copenhagen were booked my first night, I booked a hotel in Malmo City, Sweden. My flight was delayed so I arrived late at night. I took a train to Malmo City, but since it was so dark outside I didn't really get to see a whole lot. I had a nice view of Malmo City from my hotel (I've included some of the pictures that I took from the hotel in the Flickr set). The second picture posted here is of some statues that I saw on my way to the train station. but many of them didn't turn out osed My first night there I stayed in Malmo City, Sweden. The train trip back to Copenhagen included some amazing views of the sea. There is an incredible bridge connecting Malmo, Sweden with Copenhagen. The Øresund Fixed
Link was quite a construction project as it connects Sweden and Denmark, spanning an awful lot of water and it goes through Pepparholmen and artificial island via a tunnel. Since its opening in 2007, approximately 18 million vehicles and over 44 million people have crossed the bridge.

The sun reflecting on the harbor in Copenhagen

My second night I got a chance to see some of Copenhagen. Walking around the harbor I was very impressed. Of course there were some of the nautical sights that you'd expect to see, but in addition there was a vibrant and active city centre. In the very first picture posted above you can see some of the varying color of the city. Imagine that you're looking at the bridge in the harbor area facing the sun streaming down, on your right is a series of cafes and restaurants. The last picture is a status of Hans Christian Andersen, famous author and one of Denmark's most famous people, may of his stories are translated into English and available here. Standing at the statue you can see the Tivolli Gardens, a fairy tale amusement part. I really enjoyed my brief sight-seeing in both cities and would love to see both cities during longer visits in the future.

Hans Christian Andersen

Tivoli Center

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