Christine & Darryl's Wedding Part 1

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

April 7th was our 7th wedding anniversary. I recently scanned several photos from our wedding. Here are a few from that April day in 2000. In Germany the official/legal wedding occurs during a civil ceremony often at the Ratshaus (city hall). For those couples that then want a church ceremony this is would occur later. About half of the German couples that get married have both the civil and church ceremonies. Our civil ceremony was at the Biebricher Schloss in Wiesbaden, Germany. We had the church service later the same day, at the same church where Christine's parents were married, her mother was confirmed, and Christine was confirmed.Every couple has a story about their wedding and why should we be any different? Because of the international aspects of our relationship, we didn't know till the week before if we would be able to do things as we had hoped. Since Christine was going to have an expat assignment to the US, we were hoping that the company would be able to get her a visa in time for our big day. This would allow us to have both ceremonies in Germany. If that hadn't worked out then we would have needed to get a financee visa, which would have meant that we would have been married in the eyes of God, but not legally, because the legal ceremony would have needed to occur in the US. We found out the Friday before that she got a training visa and that our plans would work. More to come later...Darryl

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